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Standard Living Agreement

In a changing world, the Christian has an unchanging standard, the Word of God. This standard must determine not only our doctrinal beliefs, abut also our lifestyle. The Christian International School of Theology and MTC Standard of Living is based upon the teachings and principles of Scripture. We believe that observing these standards will help to develop personal holiness and discipline necessary for a lifestyle that glorifies God. For this reason students who enroll with Christian International School of Theology and MTC are expected to portray the highest moral commitment by refraining from the following activities: profanity, gambling, dishonesty, substance abuse, all immoral activity, or any other behavior which might cause Christ to grieve. As an institution utilizing distance education, we rely heavily upon the student’s code of honor in upholding these standards. All Christian International School of Theology students are required to adhere to the Standards of Living as indicated on the following Agreement. This agreement is to be read, signed and submitted along with the application for enrollment. The registration process will be considered incomplete until we have received this signed document. I understand that preparation for Christian work requires my personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and separation from sin. I further realize that as a Christian International School of Theology student, I represent the Lord Jesus Christ as well as the school. I am aware that the Scriptures prohibit certain behaviors and attitudes such as stealing, lying, gossiping, backbiting, profanity, substance abuse, sexual immorality, occult practices, cheating, lust, pride, bitterness, discrimination, jealousy, and an unforgiving spirit. In addition, I understand that certain types of activities are questionable and will avoid these activities for my testimony’s sake. Therefore, as a member of the Christian International School of Theology student body, I pledge myself without reservation to the following lifestyle commitments.
1. Strive for excellence as a student and in all that I do;
2. Submit to the authority of the Scriptures in matters of faith and conduct at the control of the Holy Spirit;
3. Cooperate respectfully with those in authority at the school;
4. Participate actively in promoting the cause of Christ, including endeavoring to win others to faith in Him;
5. Refrain from behavior that will reflect discredit upon the Lord or offend a weaker brother;
6. Refrain from the following activities: profanity, gambling, dishonesty, substance abuse, all immoral activity, or any other behavior which might cause Christ to grieve; Ref: Romans 1; Luke 11; Mark 7.
7. Maintain a personal appearance and dress which will honor Christ.

I understand that the Standards of Living are to guide my behavior both on and off campus for the time I am enrolled at Christian International School of Theology and MTC. Failure to abide by the Standards of Living
can lead to dismissal from the institution at the Administration’s discretion. The failure of Christian International School of Theology to exercise this right will not prevent its exercise in the future. While it is recognized that personal preferences differ and that every member of the school community might not agree with every detail of this standards, I must honorably adhere to them. Such an attitude on my part is one of the ways I can develop Christian maturity and demonstrate the love of Christ in concern, both for the integrity of the school and the welfare of other believers.

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I hereby accept these terms and conditions and pledge to abide by this Standard of Living Agreement.

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