Campus and Area Information

MTC Map 500Campus Location

The Vision Church Ministry Training College invites you to spend an academic year (or two) in one of the most dynamic, culturally diverse societies in the world. Our school is located in the Panhandle of Northwest Florida, in the city of Santa Rosa Beach, Walton County. This area of the Panhandle is also known as the Emerald Coast.

For centuries the Emerald Coast has been a destination for explorers and adventurers. The sugar white sand beaches, its emerald green waters and tropical climate offer just the right combination of tranquility and excitement. The Emerald Coast is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Tourists travel from all over the country to spend a few days listening to the soft sound of the emerald green surf pounding gently against the silky white sands. The popularity of these beaches grows each year.

Whether you are studying or enjoying your free time, the Florida Panhandle is a beautiful place to enjoy the culture and refinement. There are many things to do along the Emerald Coast. Find places of interest to go, things to do, and people to meet in neighboring cities of Crestview, Destin, Fort Walton, Navarre, Niceville, Panama City, Apalachicola, Port St. Joe and South Walton County.

Emerald Coast 1With access to the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, the North Atlantic Ocean and the Panama Canal, water remains a vital part of the area’s economy. Its vast coastline offers ample sites for fishing, swimming, boating, diving and snorkeling.

There are 50 artificial reefs in the area and several sunken ships teeming with marine life including small corals, colorful sponges, mantas, crustacean of all kinds, and seemingly endless schools of baitfish. Natural reefs, three to eight feet high, stand no more than 110 feet offshore offering the perfect spot to view native fish and other sea creatures.

Our Climate

The basic weather in the pan handle area is summer-like, with temperatures ranging from 80’s – 90’s and in the mid-summer months the occasional heat wave into the early 100’s. Our winter season is mild with temperatures ranging from 50’s – 60’s during the daytime and temperatures of 30’s – 40’s in the evening. The last snowfall in this area was reported about 10 years ago, so our mild winters do not typically produce any snow. We do have days when the temperature may drop to freezing and below but that generally does not last longer than 2 – 3 days at any time.

Emerald Coast 2Light cotton summer clothes are recommended for the summer season as the temperatures can be quite hot, the humidity here is high. For the winter both a light and heavier jacket, heavier fabric tops, slacks, gloves, closed toed shoes or boots may be recommended.

Hurricane Season is officially from June 1st to the December 1st. There is usually plenty of  warning should an evacuation be recommended or even a mandatory evacuation called by the county. Major hurricanes that require evacuation do not happen every year and the last one was in 2005. As our student, we keep you up to date with bulletins as we receive them should any action need to be taken and we give you the recommendations received by the county. Here at the college you are a part of our family and we will make sure that you are well taken care of!


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