Day of the Saints (non-credit)

Day of the Saints Fast Track with Dr Bill Hamon

Bishop Bill Hamon along with his son, Apostle Tom Hamon bring the present day truth and revelation about the “Day of the Saints”. Many Christians are looking for “the Day of the Lord” but before that day comes the Lord is preparing His Bride for His Divine purposes in the earth. All creation longs for that day – The Day of the Saints. This day is on God’s prophetic timetable and is the day when the Saints will fulfill all the Scriptures regarding Christ’s glorious church.

The Day of the Saints Fast Track recorded at Ministry Training College has sense of urgency and a surge of passion about God’s great plans for His end-time people. With prophetic clarity, Bishop Bill and Apostle Tom, fit together the Biblical directives and the spiritual power that will prepare and propel the saints of God into the world. The saints of God are called to take the message of the Kingdom into the marketplaces of the world and this Inspiring Fast Track shows how all of history has been moving towards this magnificent moment in time!



Dr. Bill Hamon

Co-founder with his wife Evelyn of Christian International Ministries Network [CIMN]. Dr. Bill Hamon is an ordained minister with Christian International and has had 60 years of ministry experience, presently serving as Bishop over 3000 ministries and CIMN. He is the author of 10 major books revealing and bringing Church Restoration especially that of the Prophets and Apostles. . The Eternal Church. Prophets and Personal Prophecy. Prophets and the Prophetic Movement. Prophets Pitfalls and Principles. Apostles-Prophets and the Coming Moves of God. The Day of the Saints. Who Am I and Why Am I Here, 70 Reasons for Speaking in Tongues. Prophetic Scriptures Yet to be Fulfilled, and his booklets Prophetic Destiny and the Apostolic Reformation Fulfilling Your Personal Prophecy and Birthing God's Purpose. His publications has been transcribed in Spanish, Korean, and some in Mandarin. As a conference speaker he travels extensively within the United States and abroad. In his travels he visits the many nations where CIMN is represented such as: Great Britain; Belize; Bahamas; Barbados; Australia; Canada; Colombia; Croatia; Dominican Republic; Ghana; Egypt; Ireland; India; Israel; Japan; Mexico; Netherlands; New Zealand; Nigeria; Poland; South Africa; South Korea; Sri Lanka; Taiwan; Zambia and others. He has a Bachelor of Theology from International Bible College, San Antonio, TX and a Master of Theology degree from South West University, San Antonio, TX and a Doctorate degree from National University, TX.