Prophetic Evangelism

Prophetic Evangelism MTC Fast Track with Ned Maraman

This course is a fresh look at evangelism and how the Gospel of the Kingdom effects believers and unbelievers alike. The purpose of this training is to teach believers how to confidently and effectively communicate and demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom.

(Enrolled MTC students may earn college credit for the for-credit version of this fast track here)

Fast Track: Prophetic Evangelism with Ned Maraman

In this training you will be taught how to:

  • Implement evangelism into your daily life
  • Use your spiritual gifts to reach people
  • Easily explain God’s plan for salvation to others
  • Deal with rejection and objections
  • Approach people confidently in public
  • Build people’s faith quickly
  • Handle difficult questions








Prophetic Evangelism 1

1st teaching session with Ned Maraman. Evangelism in today’s world, the simple Gospel, dealing with fear…

Prophetic Evangelism 2

Friday morning session: Testimonials and demonstrations with CI ministers, Edgar Iraheta and Ben Joyce.


Ned Maraman

Ned and Laci’s heart’s desire is to see the Kingdom of God manifested on earth through the lives of believers who truly know their divine purpose. “Thy kingdom come thy will be done” is the manifesto of their ministry. Through impassioned preaching, demonstration, and teaching they are igniting the flame and reviving the fire in everyone who will listen and engage. They desire that all Christians be empowered to release the very presence of God, revealing to the world the will of the Father’s love to regenerate every aspect of life He touches. Ned and Laci are proud to be ordained through Christian International Ministries Network. They lead “Crying Out” an intercession and evangelism group that harvests change and unifies denominations within their community in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Additionally, Ned writes evangelism curriculum which illustrates how to effectively communicate and demonstrate the gospel of the Kingdom to ANY person on the believer’s path . These teachings and activations have been proven to impart God’s Supernatural love, deliver religious mindsets, and equip with gifts and boldness. Ned’s ministry and core message challenge all to love (in demonstration) toward God and people, live as the spotless bride, walk without offense in unity, and move Heaven with complete surrender. Ned and Laci reside in Panama City Beach, Florida with their two hildren Landon and Juliette.