Prophetic Principles (credit)

Prophetic Principles 660

Whether you are new to the prophetic or have been prophesying for years, Prophetic Principles will take your giftings to the next level. Our weekend course will instruct you on building a solid Biblical foundation for ministry and help you avoid the pitfalls of prophetic outreach.

Fast Track: Prophetic Principles with Bishop Bill Hamon and Prophet Bill Lackie


Prophetic Principles c1

Identifying and confirming the call of God on your life, hearing His voice and the importance of relationship on the prophetic in your life.

Prophetic Principles c2

The importance of forgiveness. Practical applications for any prophetic ministry. Organization, clear communication, boundaries, it’s okay to say “no”.

Prophetic Principles c3

Prophets need to work in harmony with other gifts or risk division in the body. “The governmental ministry of the five-fold prophet is about protection and revelation God wants to release His word to the prophet so we can step into a provision that is supernatural.” Prophet Bill Lackie

Prophetic Principles c4

Your prophetic process is unique and opportunity will come as preparation is complete. God is training up a new prophetic generation for a new day!


Bill Lackie

The ministry of Bill Lackie has been cultivated through 40 years of position in the local church ministry and travel. He is an Apostle - Prophet to the local church body and to the nations. Through years of counseling, preaching, teaching and prophesying, his ministry has developed into a prophetic flow of clarity and specifics ministered through a compassionate Father's Heart. His anointing as an Equipper and Releaser imparts to people life-changing results in their walk with God, physical and emotional healing, deliverance and vision for ministry. In his travels to the nation and internationally, Bill helps to establish churches, is the keynote speaker at conferences, and prophetically ministers to heads-of-state and political officials. His apostolic ministry births vision and establishes God’s present-truth in the hearts of ministers all over the world. His teaching ministry births and establishes leaders, and he is the author of books and materials that release saints in present-truth ministry. At Christian International Family Church, he oversees prophets in training. The teams he has trained minister to hundreds of people monthly and touches people from all continents of the earth. His prophetic ministry in the office of the prophet is accompanied by “now” signs, wonders and miracles. Healings, miracles and powerful demonstrations of the Word of the Lord transform the hearts of many as they experience more of Jesus through his dynamic “life energizing” ministry. He is an ordained and established minister under the oversight and covering of Christian International Network of Ministries. Frontline International, birthed by Bill Lackie, is a ministry established under the Christian International Apostolic Network. He is a member of the board of directors for the Christian International School of Theology and he currently serves on staff at Vision Church @ Christian International and he and his wife are elders in the local church body.