Song Launch 2016

Song Launch 2016 With Worship Pastors and Song Writers: Eddie James and Dean Mitchum

(This is the Non-Credit Course)

Song Launch 2016 was a gathering of creative worshipers who feel a drawing by the Holy Spirit to write songs for the next Move of God. Based on the unfolding revelation of the Tabernacle of God, we now respond to the call to keep pressing into Heaven to receive fresh inspiration to write songs that will be used in the next dimension of worship.

This course provides a study and overview of the Worship songs that will be written for the coming move of God. The course provides an brief look back at worship music throughout the history of church movements, worship in the current church and looking to what’s coming next.

Both pastors Eddie James and Dean Mitchum share from their many years of experience in Worship leading and Song Writing. Basic song writing guidance is given and the introduction of the Movement Writers online community is introduced.



Dean Mitchum

I am the Worship Pastor and Director of Worship Ministries for Christian International and Vision Church@ CI where I have served for the last 18 years. I started out singing at an early age with my family band and joined my local worship team at age 15. My wife and I started volunteer pastoral work in our early twenties and eventually joined Christian International by the time we reached our early thirties. I am an author and teacher. I have developed and taught courses on how praise and worship advances the Kingdom of God. Written and taught more than ten workshops on Worship Leadership ranging from Building a Worship Team to Running an Effective Rehearsal. I developed, taught, and published the course Songwriter: Master the Process of Writing Great Worship Songs. My book Apostolic Kingdom Praise and teaching materials have been translated into multiple languages. I am a songwriter and recording artist. I have written over 100 songs with many of these being sung in churches around the world. I have recorded 16 albums, four Instrumental CDs, and one children’s worship album. I have organized the worship teams and lead worship at more than 80 conferences and seminars ranging from 100-3000 attendees. I have taught seminars and conferences on current trends of worship and music in the movements of the church. I have ministered in Bible schools and training centers throughout Europe, Asia, and Central America, as well as the USA. I have been married to my wife Lisa (who is an artist and jewelry designer – follow her on FaceBook) for thirty-two years. We have five children, four grandchildren and live near the beautiful emerald coast on the Florida panhandle. We are ordained through Christian International Ministries Network and serve as elders for Vision Church @ CI.