Song Launch Follow Up

Song WritingWhat a great Fast Track!

Pastor Dean Mitchum and Worship Minister Eddie James (and team) provided excellent teaching, training and activation for everyone who participated in Song Launch 2016.

Songwriting for the new move of God has been on Pastor Dean’s heart for years. This conference was a major step in establishing the foundation for a network of song, music and lyric writers (and worship leaders) to collaborate and share these new songs.

Movement Writers ( is the online platform for the ongoing work started at Song Launch. The website is integrated with the music uploading service ‘SoundCloud’ and the link for the Movement Writers SoundCloud group ‘Movement Writers Song Launch 2016’ is here

Currently, only those who participated in the Song Launch conference will be able to submit their new songs, music and lyrics to be shared and/or available for collaboration on the Movement Writers website.¬† Approved content submissions will be relevant to the ‘New move of God’ and the ‘Tabernacle of God’ revelations as presented at Song Launch.

Songs for the next move of God will reveal new dimensions of Heaven and the Nature of God. They will release hope and boldness to the Body of Christ and have a sound that will draw others toward salvation. We are not looking to produce songs and music as good as what is currently available. We are looking for the genuine sound from Heaven’s Throne which is full of the life and power of Christ Jesus. This will only be attained by those who are taking the time to be in intimate relationship with their Lord and living a Spirit-led life striving to ‘be holy and He is holy’.

Looking ahead, we have many exciting plans but now are focused on establishing a solid foundation. If you where a participant in Song Launch 2016 then please join with us at Movement Writers. If you where not a part of Song Launch you can still register on the website  and then stay tuned for our next Song Launch conference.

We encourage all of the Song Launch 2016 participants to Register on the Movement Writers website and also sign up for the Movement Writers email newsletter and stay up to date.




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